Tylo understands her trade. With a natural balance between original materials and striking shapes her hands create a hat that catches attention. “Only when all the elements in a hat are superb I will be satisfied with my creation. During this process surprising collaborations between materials, shapes and the wearer come into existence, this is what makes my trade so beautiful!” - Tylo Vervoort


collection Emotions Hats

Thanks to:

ArjanZoomers photographer

Liesbeth Besems make-up artist

Gabriela van der Sijde model

collection Emotions Textile


Whilst studying Tylo came into contact with the hat designing industry. From this moment onwards she became familiar with the trade and her enthusiasm grew when she started seeing more and more opportunities to create beautiful headpieces. It was clear to Tylo that she wanted to evolve in the hat making trade.


During her internships Tylo worked together with several big names in the Dutch hat industry. She worked alongside Marianne Jongekind, Daffy de Vyldre and Irene Bussemaker. These designers taught her the ropes of the trade.


With the gained knowledge, skills and personal dedication Vervoort designed her own signature brand ‘Typical Tylo’.





Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my designs or if you have a special request.

Visits to the studio are possible by prior arrangement only.



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